intention workshop @ MAY YOU KNOW JOY / by Jackie Shawn


Thursday, May 23 @ 7:30pm

BEAUTY ~ Intention Session with May You Know Joy founder ADRIENNE ENNS and Wholistic Beauty Lab creator JACKIE SHAWN

Join ADRIENNE ENNS founder of May You Know Joy and myself, JACKIE SHAWN from Wholistic Beauty Lab, for an Intention Session workshop. As a group we will discuss connection with ourselves and our own beauty - what that can be and what that can mean on a cellular and energetic level. Learn simple methods how to integrate beauty in a new way - with deeper meaning and with activation tools for every day. Come and learn and laugh and be vulnerable with us in this exploration of ‘what is beauty’.

  • DATE: Thursday, May 23, 2019

  • TIME: 7:30pm

  • COST: $45.00

  • LOCATION: MAY YOU KNOW JOY loft ~ 213 Sterling Road, Toronto

MAY YOU KNOW JOY The Intention Sessions are beautiful monthly gatherings for people seeking to live more mindfully, joyfully and intentionally. We come together to discuss what it means to be intentional, the obstacles in our way and to create rituals to bring into our everyday lives. Each session has a unique theme facilitated by founder ADRIENNE ENNS. May 23rd we will focus on Beauty with our special guest JACKIE SHAWN. Our time together will include a discussion, meditation, an intention setting ritual to help us dive deeper. Your experience will be sacred, beautiful, inspiring and empowering. Your heart will be full and your energy restored. You will leave with a small gift to remind you of your commitment to live intentionally and create your life on purpose.

WHOLISTIC BEAUTY LAB Inspiring others to take a wholistic approach to beauty JACKIE SHAWN is an acclaimed international editorial and celebrity makeup artist. She is the founder of Wholistic Beauty Lab and a certified aromatherapist. With 33 years in the beauty industry her proprietary blend of bespoke skincare and energy work is what she calls Vibrational Beauty.