kjaer weis MAKEUP by Jackie Shawn

KJAER WEIS refillable foundation compact.

KJAER WEIS refillable foundation compact.

I went to THE DETOX MARKET for a Masterclass to find out more about Kirsten Weis, makeup artist and creator of her own luxury organic makeup line KJAER WEIS. I was delighted and surprised to find out we would all be doing our own makeup. When I have taught Masterclasses for MAC Cosmetics it was all eyes on me so this was fun and refreshing.

Originally from Denmark Weis moved to New York and noticed models were having issues with their skin from using synthetic makeup that caused irritation and dryness. I see this often in my work where a lot of time is spent just prepping the skin because of it being so dry. When the skin is dry foundation sits on top of the skin and can accentuate dry patches and even emphasis wrinkles.

Weis and I both agree that skin comes first before makeup and she speaks about her makeup as skincare. Her primer is a beautiful serum that preps the skin before the foundation. She says in the morning she puts the serum on and lets it prime the skin while making a cup of coffee. Then she is ready for the foundation which has her three pillars: oils, butters, and waxes. I am all for simplicity! What I truly believe and love is that Weis does not have concealer in her line because her foundation is buildable. You create your look by simply layering the foundation where you need it.

Here I am post masterclass wearing makeup from KJAER WEIS with founder Kirsten Weis. We both joked that we looked like sisters.

Here I am post masterclass wearing makeup from KJAER WEIS with founder Kirsten Weis. We both joked that we looked like sisters.

Lastly, let’s talk packaging. One thing I admire is how ahead of the curve Weis was in creating a line that is luxurious but also sustainable. All the packaging is refillable. With an increasing awareness of plastics I strongly believe refillables is the future. Luxury & sustainability is possible.

At the end of the class all the women around the room looked glowing with beautiful skin and radiant smiles Gorgeous!

come VISIT by Jackie Shawn

Reveal your inner and outer beauty. 

Discover WBLab and explore a new you! Tucked away in a quiet Toronto East-end building enjoy WBLab services customised to what's going on in your life right now.

By appointment only.

Awww… there is nothing like the freshness of flora and empty vessels waiting to be filled with exotic essential oil blends.  Shot at WBLab.

Awww… there is nothing like the freshness of flora and empty vessels waiting to be filled with exotic essential oil blends. Shot at WBLab.

interview PIVOT UP by Jackie Shawn


One learns a lot after being an entrepreneur for over thrity years. A few lessons Jackie Shawn teaches us in this interview: how being authentic and relaxed attracts the right clients, how trust and faith are essential components of entrepreneurship, and how merging our passions within our business creates the right blend for success.


Sarah Minielly ~ Founder, Business Coach & Mentor at PIVOT UP ~ PIVOTUPSTRATEGY.COM ~ sits down with Jackie Shawn of The Wholistic Beauty Lab, a full service wellness studio where makeup application, natural facelifts, bespoke face creams and energy work services are offered.

talking beauty BIZ by Jackie Shawn

Beauty expert Jackie Shawn dialogues about energy, entrepreneurship and radiating beauty from the inside out with Sarah Minielly ~ Founder, Business Coach & Mentor at PIVOT UP ~ PIVOTUPSTRATEGY.COM.

guest expert on BEAUTY PANEL by Jackie Shawn

Monday, April 15 @ 11:45 am

The Green Beauty Business Panel will take place on the Business Stage of the ABA on Monday, April 15th at 11:45 am ~ Metro Toronto Convention Center South Building. This panel includes top green Canadian salon owners Alex Chabot of NZO Salon, Heather Wenman of Studio H Salon, Brian Phillips of World Salon and Wholistic Beauty Expert Jackie Shawn hosted by Cheryl Gushue, Canadian Hairdresser Magazine Editor in Chief who is a Green Circle Salons Ambassador herself.  As a follow up to the Green Beauty Issue launch, Cheryl will be discussing with the panel of experts the importance of clean products and sustainable practices in your salon and spas. Attending this talk you will be informed about the many products and service ideas you can implement into your practice for a healthier life and a greener planet.


my journey with MCS by Jackie Shawn

My deepest belief has always been that inner beauty comes first, then radiates out the light and frequency of who you are. You therefore actually need very little makeup to enhance what is already present. Ironically, although I used natural beauty products on myself, it was the accumulation over the years of working in the beauty industry as an international makeup and hair artist that I developed a multi chemical sensitivity (MSC). Read about my discovery and healing journey in Holistic Beauty Magazine.

beauty going GREEN … by Jackie Shawn

It is not unusual for people to start new hobbies, health regimes, or challenges in the spring.  So, having said that, perhaps you have been considering taking a closer look at the beauty products in your bathroom cabinet? You know, the ones you use every day when you wake up and every night before bed.

One of the things I am often asked is this, “What is the easiest way to switch to cleaner beauty products?” which basically means products with less chemicals. It can be daunting and overwhelming let alone costly. My answer is this. 

  1. Pick one product to replace.

  2. Research online. Take a look at sites like THINKDIRTYAPP.COM or EWG.ORG/SKINDEEP that detail product ingredients and compare brands too! Go to the beauty counter at your nearest health food store. This is an excellent start but be advised just because it is in a health food store does not necessarily mean it is chemical free so read labels closely or research online before you buy. Visit a department store or Sephora. Natural makeup and skincare lines are now represented more than ever before. Use THINKDIRTYAPP.COM on the spot! Book a Makeup Map Session at WBLab for professional one-on-one guidance.

  3. When that product is finished replace it with an informed one.

  4. Repeat.

Take your time and soon you will have a cabinet full of new clean beauty goodies.

an HONOR by Jackie Shawn

This is a shout-out to the very talented ARTIST KENT MONKMAN, one of my celebrity clients. I am so honored to work with him as his career continues to sky rocket. He has been chosen one of three artists to open this very special exhibition at the MET. I wish him much success!

Kent and Jean Paul Gautier at the ??? opening in Montreal 20??