WELCOME to WBLab customised beauty and healing sessions to discover the connection between face, mind, body and soul.

Reveal your inner and outer beauty. Discover WBLab and explore a new you! Tucked away in a quiet Toronto East-end building enjoy WBLab services customised to what's going on in your life right now.


"Love, Love, Love! Everything and every moment! I am speechless. You are the absolute best!" — Susan Gibson


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Wholistic Beauty Lab (WBLab) is a place to experience skincare products, makeup application, joy, relaxation, inspiration, healing, laughter, shedding, sharing and creation!  

the services

Receive a MAKEUP application for a special event from an international makeup, hair and CAHP expert. LEARN how to apply your own makeup like a pro while educating yourself on what's in your makeup kit. Introduce yourself to enhanced SKINCARE with blended on-site oils and cream created just for your skin. Immerse yourself with ON TABLE healing sessions that focus on balancing your autonomic nervous system, relieving stress and fortifying your immune system to harness total well-being. Be inspired to enable ONE+MORE gatherings with friends and others at WBLab. 

WBLab believers

"Within moments of stepping into (WBLab) I felt a sense of calm. Jackie sat with me and took the time needed to make a custom oil for my specific needs. She explained everything to me as it was happening which left me feeling nothing but safe and excited for the treatment. I walked away not only feeling regenerated but more capable to take on the world and with more internal peace than I have felt in a long time. I highly recommend Jackie and her treatments to anyone who is searching for healing, strength and light." Kestra Illiatovitch-Goldman

" ... Your colour choices were exactly what I had envisioned, and I was shocked to discover at the end of the night—after all the dances and hugs and kisses — that I still looked fantastic! Thank you for being there on our special day." — Paula Best

"Jackie is an accomplished makeup artist who can be trusted to bring her professional attitude and experience to any project." – Catherine Franklin

"Jackie Shawn is a gifted and beautiful, wise soul who knows good health, all the make up tricks and tips and inner and outer beauty! Love her and wish her huge success on all she does, a true alchemical GODDESS!" xoxo ♥ ♥ – Shawn Margaret Cohen

"When I have done press or gone to a black tie event Jackie Shawn is my go-to for a gorgeous natural makeup look. Jackie makes the whole experience beautiful, fun and effortless. Love that!" – Rae Siemens

"Love, Love, Love! Everything and every moment! I am speechless. You are the absolute best!" — Susan Gibson

"From beauty editorials to online videos to public speaking engagements Ms Shawn is a true beauty ambassador. She truly believes in her craft and is a wonderful educator to her peers, industry professionals and best of all, to women everywhere."  –  Danial McKinnon

mission possible

Jackie Shawn, makeup and hair maestro, food lover, health and beauty geek on a path to empower women to embrace beauty from the inside out.


“With a passion to explore beauty in each and every way I commit to collaborate and actualise a wholistic beauty program that enhances your face and lifestyle too. With 30 years industry expertise as an international makeup and hair artist collaborating on top advertising campaigns, editorials and with celebrities it is a sensitivity to chemicals in cosmetics and food that propelled me to become a Certified Aromatherapist Health Professional after 20 years simultaneous study in these healing modalities: facial rejuvenation, natural cosmetics, herbs for health, color, sound therapy and energy balancing. I am excited to share my breadth of experience and knowledge." — Jackie Shawn CAHP


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