interview BEAUTY ACTIVISM / by Jackie Shawn


Live Interview - Last night I was inspired to hear the remarkable story of SARAH JAY and how she became a fashion & beauty activist. Host Donna Bishop, a pioneer of Green Beauty and CBC Radio Columnist, shared Sarah’s plethora of accomplishments whilst revealing her vulnerable and fierce timeline to get her there. Here are a few highlights.

. FASHION ACTIVISM - Sarah’s journey of being a fashion stylist made her question fashion's sustainability which led her to Bangladesh to film the aftermath of the Dhaka's garment factory collapse.

. BEAUTY ACTIVISM - It was a multiple chemical sensitively diagnosis due to being a young adult synchronized swimmer and taking acne meds that founded Sarah’s beauty industry activism path.

. SUSTAINABILITY ACTIVISM - Sarah continues the activism she started with the late Rob Stewart of Sharkwater - an initiative revealing the use of Squalene from sharks in cosmetics which is unsustainable. Check out the Sharkwater documentary online to learn more.

. DOCUMENTARY - I encourage you to check out Sarah’s documentary "Toxic Beauty" which will be in theaters starting September 2019. This powerful film highlights the baby powder class action suit against Johnson & Johnson as well as what toxins are hidden in your makeup.

I met Sarah about 7 years ago on fashion shoot sets and our conversation about toxins in the beauty industry were always investigative and engaging. I am honored to acknowledge her and be part of her journey as friend and industry peer.

Sarah Jay (Sustainability Activist), Jackie Shawn (founder WBLab), Donna Bishop (CBC Radio Columnist)

Sarah Jay (Sustainability Activist), Jackie Shawn (founder WBLab), Donna Bishop (CBC Radio Columnist)