exhibit CANADIAN ICONS / by Jackie Shawn

I get to collaborate on really cool projects and this one I share with you today is called the CANADIAN ICONS PROJECT. Conceived by esteemed filmmaker/photographer Don Dixon it was 10 years in the making and is now a success to celebrate!

Don has been photographing and interviewing most celebrated and noteworthy 'living icons' – 150 of them in acknowledgement of Canada's 150th birthday – generals, dancers, astronauts, politicians, athletes, scientists, activists, actors, poets and humanitarians. You can catch a selection of the photo's at IX Gallery in Toronto until May 31, 2019 before the exhibit moves on to its permanent home in the National Gallery in Ottawa.

Here is the beautiful portrait of Marie Heinen whom I’ve had the pleasure to work with many times and thus was honored to do her makeup for this momentous occasion. When working with clients of this nature very often there is little time so you need to be quick and flawless always. In this case, while I was doing her makeup the hair stylist was working on her at the same time!

Marie Heinen portrait - Canadian Icons/ photograph by Don Dixon

Marie Heinen portrait - Canadian Icons/ photograph by Don Dixon

Heinen hangs in the company of David Mirvish, Margaret Atwood, Christopher Plummer, Lt.-Gen. Roméo Dallaire, Kim Campbell, Anne Murray, Moses Znaimer, Karen Kain, Roberta Bondar, Atom Egoyan, Perry Bellegarde, Adrienne Clarkson, Donovan Bailey, Measha Brueggergosman, Jeanne Beker and Loyd Robertson to name but a few. When I actually went through the entire list I was delighted to discover that I've had the pleasure to work with many of these esteemed individuals on other projects over the years. So good.