WBLab OIL #3

"Fearless presence of Being" ~ The artisanal WBLab signature all natural essential oil.

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Ingredients ~ Love, Alchemy, Vibration; Essential Oils {Holy Basil, Golden Champaca, Cypress, Gingergrass, Green Myrtle, Lime, Melissa, Ravensara, Savory WInter, Spike Lavender, Tamarack, Thyme, White Spruce all organic

Benefits ~ This aromatherapy blend is created to align oneself with the present - NOW!  While reducing anxiety and building confidence it strengthens the vibration of the Authentic Self. Choose to wear it as your fragrance. Using alchemy and vibration this oil takes 8-10 days synthesize.

Application ~ Using the dropper, but not placing it directly on your skin, place a 1-4 drops inside each elbow and behind your knees. To check sensitivity use 1 drop and then graduate as needed. Best applied twice daily.

Stock ~ All product is seasonal and handcrafted in small artisanal batches. Stock is replentished as needed. If sold out check back or connect with us to receive an update.

Packaging ~ Miron glass jar, Burlap sac

Miron glass is used for cosmetics because the violet glass preserves and enhances the potency of the cream. A Miron glass jar eliminates chemical leeching as would be found with a plastic container. Furthermore, its opaqueness protects the cream by blocking harmful light rays which degenerate an all natural cream. For more information research the science of biophotonics.

To assist in the preservation the environment WBlab uses low footprint packaging. Please reuse or recycle.

Shipping ~ $15.oo flat rate for shipping in Ontario, Canada via our Shop. NOTE: Currently we are only shipping to Ontario residents. If you live outside this territory please connect for custom shipping charges.